Hi Ginny,

    Oh my gosh! Everything was PERFECT! We have fallen in love with the cabin and the land. We most definitely plan
    on booking in May to celebrate birthdays and Mother’s Day.

    I am amazed at how you and your team have thought of every conceivable want or need. There is not one thing that
    we didn’t have that we missed.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast fixings. We ate like kings and queens! You really go over and above
    with the food and drink accommodations. The linens and towels are also luxurious!

    I spent 12+ hours out on the deck and porch both Saturday and Sunday. When I headed out Sunday morning, my
    husband met me at the door and chuckled, “I’ll see you tonight”.

    Our weekend could not have been more relaxing or rejuvenating. Thank you so much for making your lovely home
    available for others to enjoy!


    P.S. – We really put a dent in the firewood by on the porch and deck as we kept the chiminea working most of
    Saturday and Sunday. Our son did chop a bit more firewood up on the hill, but we didn’t carry much down to
    replenish the stock.
Pam and Friends
    We had a wonderful time and the cabin is absolutely so very inviting for a getaway from it all....but with every detail

    We did truly love our time "away from the rat race" there!  Your cabin is a true gem of authenticity!  What an absolute
    great location and ambiance.  

    Every comfort was provided for the most serene time away we could imagine and we loved every moment we spent
    there!  You have done a wonderful job of providing all the amenities that make a getaway a real recovery of the soul.

    Thank you so much!
Hi, Ginny

    Great cabin getaway and exceptional owners, highly recommended! (December 2012):

    My wife and I (early 30s) and our dog spent 5 nights at A Cabin On the Hill in mid-December.  We were looking for a
    secluded, relaxing, no-hassle, dog-friendly vacation within a few hours drive of Columbus; this fit our criteria
    perfectly and was a great value.  Great balance between modern and rustic, surrounded by nature.

    Before we even got to the cabin, my interactions with Ginny were very encouraging.  I contacted several cabins
    around OH and PA, and Ginny was the first to respond via email and phone.  She promptly answered all my
    questions and provided very useful information and tips in her detailed welcome letter (and website).  And after we
    left, she quickly sent me an email listing the items we forgot in the cabin and offered to go out of her way to return

    Our stay was greatly enhanced by all of the extra touches provided by Ginny.  She and her husband clearly have a
    talent and passion for this business.  We were welcomed by Christmas decorations and cupcakes, a wide variety
    of breakfast items that could have lasted us at least a week (probably more), nice wine selection for a very
    reasonable price (including a free bottle...we couldn't drink this trip so she gave us two gourmet bottles of sparkling
    lemonade!), dog treats / beds / towels, candles everywhere, lots of firewood/kindling/matches (and the outdoor
    stove and fire pit were already setup for us).  

    The cabin itself was great for our needs.  If you have a large group, keep in mind the following: two bathrooms but
    only one small shower (downstairs) and one tub (upstairs), not a huge living space so could get cramped but there
    are several beds upstairs (three in one room), large dining table and very nice porch that can accommodate many
    people.  The standalone bathtub (also a requirement of ours) was nice, and again Ginny provided extras such as
    bubble bath, candles, even mood music.  The master beds were very comfy with nice linens.  Indoor gas fireplace
    and heating system kept the cabin cozy night and day.  Well stocked kitchen, we cooked multiple meals everyday
    and the only thing we couldn't find was a cheese grater...just about everything else you could think of was

    We enjoyed the cabin grounds as much as the cabin itself.  We walked a different trail in the woods almost
    everyday.  My 6-yr old, arthritic dog acted like a puppy again, about as happy as I've ever seen her!  We drank mulled
    cider by the outdoor stove, had two bonfires with s'mores and hot chocolate (ingredients provided!) and hot dogs
    under a clear and starry sky.  

    Perfect nature getaway!
Hi Ginny!!

    Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much WE LOVED the cabin! We didn't want to leave! I am sort of
    uptight and have a hard time relaxing and as soon as we got there, I felt completely at home .. but a lot more

    Everything was perfect....I appreciate the extra touches for our anniversary -- the rose petals on the bed, the candle
    and the candy. Soooo thoughtful!

    My husband and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. We WILL be back and we will tell our friends of our wonderful stay.

    Your secluded paradise is the most wonderful place we have ever stayed.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Kasey & Nick

    We wanted to thank you so much for the thoughtful letter and delicious chocolates! Our honeymoon was amazing
    thanks to your cabin. We certainly have plans to return in the future! It certainly is a little slice of paradise. Thanks
    again for your thoughtfulness.
Greg & Teresa
Hello Ginny & Jim.

    Thank you for the chocolates.  Sorry we haven't corresponded with you since or after our stay.  That is no excuse for
    the delay to tell you how awesome our stay was (bet you hear that all the time)!  We took advantage of your driving
    range and that seems to be one of our big highlights.  Teresa was especially excited since she had never used a
    golf club before!  We took a lot of photo's and had a very good time cooking, hiking , enjoying the fire pit, the
    beautiful front porch and totally relaxing.  We also enjoyed the visit from the dogs, they were very entertaining and
    reminded us of our dogs back home!  

    We hope to return in 2010, but with 4 grandkids, (here and about the US) and 2 more coming in April, scheduling
    time right now for us seems to be an issue.  We hope to be able to contact you soon to make reservations for
    sometime this year.  Hope you had a great time on your anniversary trip!
Mindy & Family
Hi Ginny,

    It is so nice to hear from you.  I would love to send you some pictures of our time at the cabin, so that you might be
    able to see how much joy we get out of our time there.  As last year, it was wonderful (and it took us less time to get
    there, and we didn't get lost!!).  As soon as we pulled up to open the gate, you could feel the stress just slipping
    away and being replaced with excitement and anticipation.  Our children (Wes now 15, Dillon 11, and Kamryn 3)
    could not wait to get out of the car to start the vacation, or our "cation" as Kamryn called it.  The kids ran upstairs to
    see their beds and were thrilled to find the chocolate and tootsie rolls.  The books that were placed by the girls'
    beds were a thoughtful touch and didn't go unnoticed.  Our 15 year old wants us to buy the mattress and box
    springs that you have in the big bedroom, because you don't want to get out of the bed they are so comfortable.

    Although we had only been there once previously, we noticed the new things (like the front porch door, and the bar
    on the porch, as well as the hammocks that we made use of)  As I mentioned in the journal (I used up 5 pages)
    although not our cabin, it feels like its ours for that short period of time.  We so appreciate the ability to leave
    everything and just focus on our family and spend special time together.  We went through 4 rolls of 35 mm film
    and over 100 digital pictures capturing every moment.  Even the times that it rained it was nice.

    We took a 2 ½ hour hike up the waterfall to the left of the cabin (all the way up) across the meadow and down to the
    cabin although we got somewhat lost and ended up well past it.  An amazing accomplishment for all of us
    including a 3 year old that demanded to be carried half of the way.  We had a nice fire, and cooked s'mores, as well
    as coloring easter eggs and hiding them for Kamryn out in the front yard.  I hope you don't mind, but my mother, the
    bird lover, and Kamy re-filled all of the bird feeders

    I am so grateful you decided to keep the cabin and share its magic.  I think of the movie "Pay It Forward" when I
    think of what you have done for all the people who come here.  By keeping it you help so many families remember
    what is important.  Thank you so much for the gift.

    We definitely want to reserve the spring break period for next year, we just have to find out from the school what the
    dates are, so we will be in touch.  We may also try to get there once this summer, early fall so that we can
    experience the cabin with full foliage and not so wet, we will definitely see if the time is available when we can plan
    it out.


and 6 others

Mansfield Ohio
Ginny and Jim,

    WOW!  Let me just say the cabin was absolutely wonderful!  All the girls were excited and pleased (and it takes a lot
    to make 7 very different women happy)!  We loved sitting on the porch – in spite of the chill we spent a lot of time
    there—we even played cards outside with a bit of music going!   The beds were wonderful and everyone ran
    around in their robes on Saturday morning.  We really enjoyed all the amenities; you have managed to think of
    everything to make it a wonderful experience.  We have been doing these fall get away weekends for 15 years and
    this was the best one ever!

    Each room was decorated perfectly, maintaining the rustic feeling of the surrounding area!  I don’t know how much
    time you get to spend there but what a wonderful place to get a way from it all!

    I just wanted to tell you "thank you". It was very peaceful and we had a great time.  The amenities are exceptional
    and the cabin was very well equipped.

    You truly have a beautiful place and nothing beats a warm clean place with a hot shower -- its nice even when
    you're hunting. We'll definitely try to get back this winter for another hunting session.

    Kind regards,

Becky, Tim, Travis and

Central Ohio
    Thank you so much - the cabin is so lovely, you have really done such a beautiful job of restoring it,  It rained all day
    yesterday, but even then, we enjoyed relaxing on the porch and enjoying the views of the garden.  The brownies
    were delicious and the wine rack was excellently stocked!  Thank you, we hope to come back again.

Suzanne Hela and John

Northeast Ohio
Dear Ginny and Jim

    We had an absolutely wonderful time here! It was one of the most special vacations we have ever had, because it
    is the most private place we have every stayed in - 90 acres of gorgeous property.  The House is just gorgeous, the
    way you have kept the original logs, etc yet added beautiful modern touches, tiles, upstairs sink, lighting just makes
    it look so original, artful and homey.  

    And leaving us cookies, brownies, wine and home grown tomatoes from Larry is just such a thoughtful touch.  We
    had coffee in the morning on the porch while watching butterflies and hummingbirds flutter around.  We hike the
    gorgeous trails all so well-kept, green  and winding.   We read books on the porch or while lying in the hammocks
    or just gazed at all the views in every direction it was so serene and beautiful.    We went for a drive in the
    countryside, saw the rolling hills, streams, pastures, deer and wild turkey.  We ate dinner by candlelight on the
    porch and played games or we just talked.  

    It was the most peaceful, relaxing vacation we had ever had.  We will definitely be back and are going to tell all of
    our friends about it.   Thanks Ginny and Jim

    Lots of love,

Chris, Jon and Sons

Reynoldsville, Ohio
    Thanks for renting us the cabin this weekend.  Great vacation.  We roasted marshmallows at the firepit near the
    shed.  The moon was rising just as it got dark, it was gorgeous.   Wildlife sighted - one very small snake as we
    were hiking up to the ridge,  a very friendly hummingbird on the front porch, a blue heron at the creek bridge near
    the driveway and lots of butterflies, several rabbits and birds.   We visited Marietta.  The Ohio River Museum with all
    the river boat history was interesting fro the 15 year old son.  Ate at the Mexican restaurant on 2nd street.  Good food
    and pleasant staff. We walked over the Harmer Hill bridge and had dinner.  Very nice evening on the riverside.   
    We'd love to see this place in the fall with the leaves changing colors.  Hope to be back soon!   
The Bowman Family

Various places
throughout Ohio and
    We had a wonderful weekend! Thank you for the use of your cabin.  Would love to come back sometime.  The porch
    was put to good use.  All 15 of us ate every meal out there
Paul and Judy

    We had a wonderful time here.  The cabin is beautiful, also the surroundings.  The motorcycle riding was very nice
    and being here is so relaxing and stress free.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us.

Sandy and Danny

Central Florida
Dear Sis, (from my sister)

    As always we had a very wonderful time.  You and Jim had done a wonderful job on the cabin.   This time Danny
    and I felt we were in a soap opera on one of those romantic scenes where they show people dancing, sow under
    the stars and sipping on wine while listening to the nature sounds in the background.  Thank you sis - we love you

Los Angeles, California
    I was with my Mom and Dad - It was a very nice place to stay.   I live in California and I enjoyed the peace and quiet.  
    Thanks so much

Amber and Russell

    It was such a pleasure to stay in such a unique cabin.  Ginny and Jim your efforts did not go unnoticed.  There were
    so many choices of places to go and sights to see.  We rode all day Friday to get here and were instantly captivated
    by our surroundings. Fantastic!!    We spent our Saturday out riding our motorcycles, getting acquainted  with the
    countryside as well as stopping to chat with some local folks.  It was really interesting to hear the stores some
    people would tell.   I am glad we were able to come.  Thank you very much.

Portsmouth, Ohio
    Could not add much to what has already been said.  I am nearly 81 and it brings memories of days at my
    grandfather's log home when I was a small boy,  A great place and I hope my grandson will remember our time
    when he's 81.

Dionette, Nina,
Namoste, Betty,
Debbie, Nikki, Alex, Dio,
Baby Leriani, Emilio,
Emily and Family

Miami, Florida
Ginny and Jim

    We feel so fortunate to have experienced this enchanting cabin you have obviously give so much love and attention
    to.   Thank you for your gracious hospitality as well as your efforts in putting all together for us.  Alex's graduation
    evening was truly an unforgettable  experience for us and we will cherish the memory for years to come.  Blessing
    to you, this slice of heaven and all who come to stay here.

Amy Mike, Benjamin
and Sarah

Marietta, Ohio
Ginny and Jim

    We had a wonderful time at your lovely cabin. It is evident from all the testimonies that this place does exactly as it
    is intended to do.  Help people remember what is important in life.  You so generously donated your cabin to
    charitable causes (the rotary raised over $50,000 for safety town.    I do think and hope this blessing you've paid
    forward will continue to reward you.  We will joyfully spread the work about the cabin on the Hill so other will take the
    opportunity to make memories to last a life time.

    With Much Appreciation
    Amy Mike, Benjamin and Sarah
    Marietta, Ohio


Aurora, OH

    It was Absolutely wonderful!!! I'm really feeling kind of sad today being home again. It was the most special vacation
    we have ever had - we've never stayed at a place where we had 90 acres completely to ourselves - it was so very
    private, serene and beautiful. And simple too - which also made it so special - it felt like going back in time. We had
    coffee and breakfast on the porch, went hiking, read on the porch or on hammocks, went for drives in the
    countryside, made dinner on the grill, ate and talked and played games by candlelight - I cannot even describe how
    wonderful it was to breathe in the fresh air, see private woods, rolling lawns and trees from every direction, eat
    Larry's fresh tomatoes and peaches, watch hummingbirds and butterflies and listen to crickets and birds during
    the day and owls at night. And all the beautiful touches you added - the gorgeous way you decorated the cabin,
    melding the old and the new - as I said it is a work of art - and having gourmet coffees and teas, cookies and
    brownies, and wonderful soaps and bath salts,etc. - it is truly a one of a kind experience! Thank you so much Ginny!
    We will definitely be back, and we will tell all our friends! I hope you and Jim have a wonderful time while you are
    there! Suzanne

Sandy & Danny


    Love the cabin pictures on your site. Sandra & Danny had a really nice stay when we were there. Beautiful, very
    relaxing,  A great place to take  away stress and forget about the what's in the world for a day or two. Had lots of fun
    walking the trails, good exercise.


Clifton, VA

    A breathtaking cabin in the country with all of the comforts of home. My father and I spent a glorious weekend here
    and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was an abundance of outdoor activities to do, but our favorite was sitting
    on the deck, enjoying the beautiful, peaceful scenery and, as he said, "communicating with nature." Ginny and Jim
    have a perfect getaway place and we were thrilled to share some of their memories.


Los Angeles, CA

    I live in a crazy metropolis (L.A.) and wasn't sure I could relax enough to appreciate this cabin on the hill. Boy, was I
    wrong! I learned to relax, breath clean air, walk in beautiful woods and totally escape the city in my mind, body and
    soul. This wonderful place is like a shot of good medicine...I'm making it my once-a-year retreat.

Johanna and Tom   

Marietta, OH

Ginny and Jim,

    We found an unbelievable place to visit and stay but we also met new friends. Ginny is the best! I think I found an
    incredible friend! She truly treasures the cabin and puts her heart into it. She loves seeing people enjoy it, as much
    as she and Jim do! If it is booked when you want it, she is probably enjoying it and she deserves it!! But knowing
    her, she'd give up the weekend or ask you to join them! They are incredible! It is the most quaint and delightful
    place that I have been to. -- Johanna K.  


Chicago, IL

    My family and I stayed twice at Cabin on the Hill this year. Once in the spring and once in the summer. Each visit
    was unique and special. We will never forget walking up a creek with live beaver swimming past us as we trekked
    the forest near by. The people we met were down to earth and there are still so many things we haven't checked out
    in the area. It is like a step back into time when live was simple and enjoyable and stress free. My two boys and my
    wife will always remember our visit and we plan to come back again and again. It was well worth the 7 hour drive
    from Chicago.

Kathleen K.

Centreville, VA

    A Cabin So Devine
    Daisies, Lilies, a Cabin so Divine
    Steep Hills, Cold Streams, Lofty Trees Abound
    Wild Flowers Peek Through Shadows Dancing in the Breeze
    Choruses of Birds Announce Feasts on Windowsills
    90 Acres Unblemished Wonderland
    Corn Fodder, Iron Skillets, Candlelight a Flicker
    With Memories of a Century, Hewed Logs and Polished Beams Copy Breathe the Essence of Your Soul
    Each Guest Richer for Their Stay
    One Must Return
    Again and Again


Charleston, WV

    Thank you so very much for the best Thanksgiving we could have had. When you said it had everything you weren't
    kidding, I packed way more cooking items than I need. We enjoyed every little detail you have imparted in your
    home away from home. I can't wait to come up with another great reason to come back to the cabin on the hill.

    Thank you again for a relaxing experience.


Williamsburg, VA


    You always do things *First Class*, and your attention to detail is unrivaled