A Cabin On The Hill
Dog Policy

  • A $25.00 fee will be charged for routine cleanup of dog pillow and minor cleaning.  

  • No more than two dogs per stay, please.    

  • Due to guest allergies, dogs are not allowed in the upstairs area, bedrooms or on
    any furniture. Dogs will not be left unattended in the cabin .   

  • If there is no evidence that your dog was on the 2nd floor, furniture, bedrooms,
    blankets, pillows, then $100.00 of your $125.00 deposit will be returned.

  • A dog pillow is provided for your dog to sleep downstairs

  • If dog hair is found on the 2nd floor or furniture the deposit will go towards
    steamcleaning, and replacement of linen.  

  • This policy is important so guests without dogs can also enjoy their stay as those
    with dogs do.
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A $125.00 deposit is required for your dog's stay