I, (please print)_________________________________________, agree to each and all of the following in connection with
my stay at the cabin located in New Matamoras, Ohio and owned by Ginny Narsete, hereinafter referred to as the owner.

1) I am a healthy adult, voluntarily participating in the use of the cabin and the surrounding grounds, and I assume all risks of
illness, injury, death, damage and/or loss to myself or my property that might result.

2) On behalf of myself and my personal representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, agents and assigns, I hereby release
and discharge in advance Ginny Narsete (and her employees, instructors, agents, representatives and assigns) from any and all
liability, even if that liability arises out of negligence and/or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities mentioned

3) My assumption of risk, waiver and release of liability, including negligence, encompasses, but is not limited to: death,
bodily injury, illness, damage, theft and/or loss of personal property during said stay which occurs as a result of anything
during the stay. The following are some, but not all, of the possibilities: a) traversing uneven ground, with or without
photographic/video or other equipment in order to access off-road sites; b) natural hazards, such as, but not limited to, steep
cliffs, hazardous footing, busy roadways, rocks, streams and other waterways, dimly lit building interiors and exteriors, c)
animals including but not limited to domestic animals and/or pets, deer, fox, raccoons, birds, or any other wildlife or insects
on the property; d) plants including poison oak, poison sumac or other hazardous vegetation; f) any person or persons,
including but not limited to hunters, traversing the property, with or without the permission of the owner; e) transportation
to and from locations;

4) I am aware there are game blinds located in trees upon the property and agree to assume all risk for any illness, injury,
death, damage and/or loss to myself or my property that might result from approaching, entering, or in any manner utilizing
said game blinds.

5) If anything is missing from the property, I am responsible for reimbursement or replacement in kind.

All guests must sign waiver
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