Washington DC to
A Cabin On The Hill
Last 12 miles once you are on OH-7 across St. Mary's bridge....
  • pass Frontier High School
  • through Beavertown (Bada Bing restaurant will be on your right)
  • through Grandview
  • through New Matamoras (one traffic light in New Matamoras)

  • 1/4 mile past New Matamoras, pass Cemetery Drive on the left
  • Next road past Cemetery Drive is North Fork Road
  • Turn LEFT on North Fork Road
  • North Fork Road curves left, crosses a steel bridge, and curves right again
  • Driveway is on the LEFT just past the steel bridge (look for the mailbox)
313 miles
5 hours, 37 minutes
Next Turn
1.  Take I-495 N / Maryland and merge onto I-495N
    Entering Maryland
4.4 mi
2.  Slight left onto I-270 Spur N
1.9 mi
3.  Merge onto I-270 N
29.1 mi
4.  Take exit 32 to merge onto I-70 W toward Hagerstown
52.8 mi
5.  Take exit 1A on the left to merge onto I-68 W / US-40 W toward Cumberland
    Continue to follow I-68 W
    Entering West Virginia
112.0 mi
6.  Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-79 S / Fairmont and merge onto I-79 S
29.7 mi
7.  Take exit 119 to merge onto US-50 W toward Clarksburg
45.0 mi
8.  Take the exit toward W Virginia 16 N / Main St / Old U.S 50 W
0.2 mi
9.  Turn right at end of ramp onto W Virginia 16 N / Main St
    After the right turn there is a stop sign at the top of a hill with a McDonald's /
    gas station on the right; go straight for two miles and continue to follow W
    Virginia 16 N
2.0 mi
10. Turn right to stay on W Virginia 16 N   
11.9 mi
11. Turn left onto W Virginia 2 S / 3rd St at the traffic light     
0.9 mi
12. Turn right onto W Virginia 807 N / St Marys Bridge
0.7 mi
13. Turn left onto OH-7 N / T135
    Continue to follow OH-7 N -- see below for last 12 miles
12.5 mi